GAC Attracts More Than 600 First-Timers

‘It’s important for you to be here to talk to your representatives.’

February 25, 2013

GAC: First-time attendees

More than 4,200 people are here to advocate for credit unions, including 600+ first-time attendees, CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney said Sunday. That’s one of the highest-ever numbers of GAC rookies.

“It’s important for you to be here to talk to your representatives,” Cheney said. “They need to hear from you.”

Perhaps this new blood will spur Congress to action. When President Harry Truman coined the phrase, “do-nothing Congress,” legislators passed only 7% of the bills put before them—versus 2% last year, Cheney said. “What does that make this Congress?”

Mark Wolff, CUNA’s senior vice president of communication, also welcomed “the class of 2013” by reinforcing the importance of meeting with legislators during Hike the Hill.

“Hill visits make a strong impression on legislators,” he said. “It’s your chance to tell your story. What you do for members is powerful.”