‘Social Care’ Builds Your Brand And Improves Member Service

'The lines are blurring between customer service and marketing.'

April 1, 2013

Try social care to improve your member service while also building your brand, suggests Nielsen, a consumer information and measurement company.

Good social care—answering member questions, responding to complaints, and offering solutions to problems via social media like Facebook and Twitter—can set your credit union apart from your financial service competitors.
In the social networking world, where it’s easy and common for consumers to broadcast outrage or advocate for favorite brands, quality customer service can affect your reputation.
“The lines are blurring between customer service and marketing,” says Gadi Benmark, senior vice president of client development for Nielsen.
Companies that do it well see an upside, according to Nielsen. A good social care program allows you to:
  • Build a competitive differentiator;
  • Convert disgruntled consumers into advocates; and
  • Enhance marketing and branding.
In addition to operational efficiencies—customer service via social media is generally cheaper than traditional customer service channels—social care allows you to influence the conversation and appease your critics.