Scenes from FinovateSpring 2013

Nearly 1,000 people are attending this year's conference.

May 15, 2013


Quantopian: John Fawcett, CEO, and Jean Bredeche, chief technology officer, demonstrate the first browser-based algorithmic trading platform for investment trading. The program is designed to be easy for investors to set up and run, using decades worth of data to set up their trading algorithms.


Trustegg CEO Jeffrey Brice and CFO John Zdanowski demonstrate a product that enables parents to set up and manage trusts for their children. Parents can invite family and friends to make contributions. Funds are invested with Vanguard and earn a market rate until the child turns 18. co-founders Matthew Goldman and Todd Zino demonstrate Wallaby Wallet Boost, which combines a cloud-based wallet with an intelligent credit card.


OneID: Alex Doll, CEO, and Clay Hausmann, marketing vice president, explain how their product eliminates the need for user names and passwords while delivering a secure, customer friendly identity system. OneID is a CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider.


Goodapril co-founders Benny Joseph and Mitch Fox demonstrate the company’s guide to consumer tax preparation and tax savings opportunities. GoodApril offers daily tax advice and monitoring.