America's Credit Union Conference

Scenes from Wednesday at the ACUC

A visit to the Today Show and Wharton Prof. Adam Grant highlight the event's final day.

July 3, 2013


About 100 credit union supporters attending the ACUC grabbed an early cup of coffee and stopped at NBC's Today Show in New York City. See more from the event here.


CUs took advantage of many media opportunities during their time in New York—including an appearance by CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney on the Fox Business Network and a strong turnout at NBC's Today Show Wednesday morning, said Paul Gentile (above), CUNA’s executive vice president of strategic communications and engagement. He made the comments during Wednesday's General Session. 


CUs should implement policies and procedures to protect themselves against possible liability related to their use and their employees’ use of social media, said attorney Kevin Funnell of Bieging Shapiro & Barber LLP during a Discovery breakout session. CUs and financial institutions must have clear, internal written policies on copyright infringement, defamation, trade libel, use of nonpublic personal information and dishonesty. “Enforce policies consistently” to avoid legal problems regarding unfairness of their application, Funnell said. 


Emerging and evolving areas of risk should be considered an important component of a CU's growth plan, Roger Nettie, senior risk consultant with CUNA Mutual Group, said Wednesday in a Discovery breakout session. The consequences of not planning for these types of threats could disrupt a CU's business plan, he said.


CUs should seek out young people to serve on their boards, said McKinley Wooten Jr., board chair for State Employees' CU in Raleigh, N.C. Wooten was moderator at Wednesday's "Boards Welcome New Ideas From Younger, Tech-Savvy Members" breakout session. 


Despite the recent recession, Pew Research found that nearly 88% of 18- to 34-year-olds say they earn enough money now or are optimistic they will in the future, noted Brent Dixon, founder of the Cooperative Trust, a grassroots group of young people working in CUs and cooperatives. He made his remarks Wednesday in a Discovery breakout session presentation, “A Look Inside the Millennial Mind.” Millennials are embracing collaboration, technology, and activism to create the next generation of economic and social development tools, he said.  


ACUC participants react to videos of their colleagues' efforts impersonating Jimmy Stewart.


Don’t be too altruistic in the workplace, warned Adam Grant, Wharton School of Business professor and author of “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success.” Although people who help others make great leaders, being a doormat is a sure recipe for frustration in the workplace, Grant told CUs attending the final General Session Wednesday morning.


CUs were united in their apparel Wednesday to get across the message "Unite for Good." Many wore the T-shirts when they visited NBC's Today Show on Wednesday morning.