Jeff Carpenter

Scenes from League Staff Orientation

CUNA focuses on building partnerships to better serve CUs.

August 29, 2013

Ryan Donovan

Ryan Donovan, CUNA’s senior vice president, legislative affairs, chats with a league staff orientation attendee. Earlier, he discussed CUNA’s advocacy efforts in Washington. “We are the eyes and ears and voice of CUs on Capitol Hill,” Donovan says.

Jill Tomalin

A primary focus for CUNA is building partnerships with leagues and vendors to better serve CUs, says Jill Tomalin, CUNA’s executive vice president/chief operating officer.

Pat Sowick

Pat Sowick, CUNA’s senior vice president, league relations, gives an overview of CUNA’s operations in Washington, D.C. She touched on league relations, state governmental affairs issues, and regulatory and compliance concerns.

Mark Condon

Mark Condon, CUNA’s senior vice president, business and consumer publishing, explains why CU history and philosophy is still relevant today.

Terry Costin

Terry Costin, CUNA’s senior vice president of marketing and sales, has a message for attendees: “We can’t succeed without you.”

Todd Spiczenski

The times have changed in the training realm says Todd Spiczenski, recalling the days of overhead projectors and transparencies. CUNA’s senior vice president, center for professional development, cites hybrid events and mobile training as the next wave of the training future.

John Wiley

Credit Union Magazine Publisher John Wiley encourages attendees to send him feedback about what they like about the publication—and what we can do better.

Amy Nigrelli

Amy Nigrelli gives a tour of the revamped, which launched in March. The revitalized site offers improved navigation and search functionality, and allows CUNA to better highlight major events and campaigns. She is CUNA’s vice president, marketing and communications.

Jeff Carpenter

Jeff Carpenter, CUNA’s vice president, membership development, highlights CUNA’s Unite for Good campaign, which calls for a shared CU vision for the movement.

David Rohn

The greatest value the CUNA Councils provide is the opportunity to network with peers, says David Rohn, CUNA Councils vice president. “CUNA Councils Connect” is just one networking tool CUNA offers members of the six councils.

Joanne Sepich

Joanne Sepich, director of promotional and ancillary products for CUNA’s business and consumer publishing department, holds up a picture of a “Mad City Money” workshop. The program gives youth a taste of the challenges involved in managing real-world finances.

Steve Schaefer

Steve Schaefer, manager of technical services for the World Council of Credit Unions, talked about the variety of projects the organization pursues around the globe. “Taxation is a major issue, not only in the U.S., but around the world,” he says.