Expectant Father’s Blog Delivers

'Stone Age Dad' chronicles Louisiana CU executive's 'evolution as a father.'

September 15, 2013

This month, Brett Reynolds will become a first-time father—and readers of his blog will celebrate along with him.

The vice president of marketing for $603 million asset Neighbors Federal Credit Union in Baton Rouge, La., has shared the experience of awaiting his baby girl’s birth through twice-weekly posts to Stone Age Dad, a portal that includes weekly coupons and financial literacy resources for expectant parents.

Reynolds sprinkles self-deprecating wit and wisdom regarding his “evolution as a dad” into topics such as choosing a day care, maternity photo shoots, and developing a prenatal playlist.

Erin Pontif, a market research analyst for Neighbors Federal, conceived Stone Age Dad during a CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference session about encouraging members to tell their stories. Neighbors Federal regularly relays testimonials from members, but Pontif saw an opportunity to turn the tables and suggested Reynolds tell his story.

Neighbors Federal graphic designer Chad Lopez created the logo, and the credit union activated the site within two weeks.

“We deal with people’s finances, with subjects of a very personal nature, so it makes sense to take the opportunity to reciprocate that,” Reynolds says.

Stone Age Dad’s blog posts have generated more than 11,500 views, 70% of which originate locally. A Baton Rouge parenting magazine provides cross-promotion, and links to select posts appear on a blog by Woman’s Hospital, which handles more than three-quarters of births in the area.