Congress Returns to ‘Don’t Tax Tuesday’ 2.0

Social media blitz urges lawmakers to support CU tax exemption.

September 10, 2013

Don't Tax Tuesday

Congress came back into session on Monday—and it will hear from the credit union movement and its supporters in full force during today’s social media blitz, “Don’t Tax Tuesday” round two.

“This event serves as a bookend to our first blitz, which we sponsored in late July just as Congress was getting ready to go out on its summer break,” explains CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney. “Credit unions and our supporters then employed social media powerhouses Twitter and Facebook to generate more than 2,100 direct tweets to members of Congress.”

These and other messages on Facebook and other social media platforms exposed nearly 1.5 million Twitter and Facebook users to the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” message.

The goal for “Don’t Tax Tuesday” part two is to surpass July’s success—which included some members of Congress tweeting their support for credit unions’ tax exemption in response to the social media blitz. “We want more with this go-round,” Cheney says.

He urges all credit unions and their supporters to join the fray by tweeting directly to their members of Congress with the simple message, #DontTaxMyCU (including the “hashtag” symbol).

The site has a prominent new plug-in where credit unions and their supporters can enter their contact info, resulting in a pre-drafted tweet and Facebook post that will automatically fill in lawmakers’ social media handles, Cheney says.

“Let Congress hear credit unions—again—loud and clear: Don’t Tax My Credit Union.”

Visit for more information, including tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your social media outreach.