CUNA Tech/Ops Council Conference

Security, Productivity Should Reinforce Each Other

Four ways to help these functions work together.

September 24, 2013

Security and productivity

Security and productivity typically are diametrically opposed to each other. But that’s not how things should be, Andrew Jaquith, chief technology officer for SilverSky, told CUNA Technology Council conference attendees Monday.

"Most organizations think about security considerations first and then they think about how that might affect productivity," he says. "Rarely does an organization think about how security and productivity might reinforce each other."

To help security and productivity fit well together, Jaquith offers these recommendations about security measures:

  1. Make sure they don't interrupt workflow or unintentionally impose performance penalties’
  2. Build sensible defaults into them that fit 90% of the cases;
  3. Make sure security features blend into the environment so well that they're almost invisible; and
  4. Give security features opt-out features rather than opt-in features.

SilverSky, formerly Perimeter eSecurity, is a CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider.