Amy Gravitte

Passionate About CU Philosophy and Leadership

‘I love to participate in work that makes a difference.’

November 7, 2013

As vice president of training and leadership development, Amy Gravitte focuses on developing stronger leadership throughout Coastal Federal Credit Union, Raleigh, N.C.

Gravitte developed “3-2-1 Launch to Loyalty,” a member onboarding program, and executed “Levels to Achievement” to ensure staff can grow and develop in their roles. She implemented a custom learning management system, “Coastal University.”

As one of about 1,000 graduates from the National Credit Union Foundation’s Development Education (DE) program, Gravitte’s commitment to further credit union philosophy and principles is evident in everything she does. She was part of a team of DEs that developed the annual Principles & Philosophy Conference, which is now gaining national recognition. Developing training materials and programs that help co-workers meet members’ financial needs is fulfillling to her.

“I’m passionate about leadership development and talent management,” she says. Her colleagues embrace her efforts. They see the results: increased awareness of credit unions’ heritage and philosophy, improved employee engagement, and growing member loyalty.

For credit unions’ continued success, staff must stay true to the member-owned structure and to the unique differences of all credit unions, believes Gravitte.

Gravitte also recommends employees take advantage of training opportunities to maximize their skills. She wants to contribute to those training opportunities at Coastal Federal as much as possible.

“I really love and want to do what I’m doing. I look forward to making bigger and more meaningful contributions,” Gravitte adds. “I love the people. I love to participate in work that makes a difference. I like to go to work every day. I believe that honest work is honorable. I respect work and people who work. Every one of our roles is important, otherwise the jobs wouldn’t exist.”

Gravitte recognizes that some credit union professionals might not be in the right roles. That’s why it’s important for leaders to recognize people’s talents so they can be in the positions that benefit most from those skills, she says.

What Gravitte does through her training efforts gives staff the tools to serve members with confidence. “They deserve the best opportunity to deliver their best to members,” Gravitte says.