Enter the Age of the ‘Industrial Internet’

How will this ‘wave of innovation’ affect members and your CU’s products and services?

January 24, 2014

Society has experienced certain “waves of innovation” over the years, including the industrial revolution and the Internet revolution.

Next up: The “industrial Internet,” a marriage of minds and machines in which sensors are attached to industrial machines, Marco Annunziata, chief economist at General Electric, says during a TED talk, “Welcome to the Age of the Industrial Internet.”

These sensors collect data which is used for analysis to create improved efficiencies as information becomes intelligence.

Further, this most current innovation is important because “industrial sectors play a huge role in our economies and our lives.”

As you listen to Annunziata’s talk, consider how this revolution may affect members’ lives and your own product and service offerings.

Can you collect and analyze data in a way that makes information become intelligence? How will this “metamorphic change” in our society affect our economy and the finances of your members?






Lora Bray is a research librarian at CUNA.