Make Member Service Fun

Even a mundane email message provides a chance to connect with members.

June 17, 2014

Recently, we bought a gift certificate for a friend from Fluevog.

Never heard of them? Neither had we. This friend, however, has super groovy taste in shoes and showed us a photo of a pair that were absolutely her. So, not knowing her size, we bought her a gift certificate instead.

While talking to thought leader Patrick Henry about building customer loyalty, he shared that we need to connect with our members on their terms.

It got me thinking of the email we received from Fluevog, which likes to have fun with its customers. The email read:

"Your Fluevogs can't wait to meet you...

"Your order is now complete!

"1. Your order was carefully taken from our Dot Matrix and passed to our Fluevogian Elves, who started searching for your exact item(s).

"2. Our well-trained packing specialist gathered everything needed to do the best packing job he could, especially for you. Only when completely satisfied with his deliverable, he sent word to the FluevogFleet using incensed smoke signals.

"3. We welcomed the Fleet, which always consists of three solar-powered FluevogVans—one for security, one for your package, and one for refreshments and supplies. We briefly chatted about what great taste you have and how good looking you are, but then they were off and on their way to make the final delivery.

"Please note: We occasionally outsource transportation to our well-trusted partners, as demand continues to increase and running multiple Three Van Fleets gets expensive for a small, powerful shoe company."

This is a great example of having fun with customers even in everyday, mundane email communications. It got us thinking: How can we surprise and delight our members with our communications every day?

How can you make your communications more fun?

NEEN JAMES is a leadership expert and author of “Folding Time” and “Secrets of Super Productivity.”