Joe Bertotto

A Career Matchmaker

'When people are in their ‘sweet spot,’ they can do amazing things.'

September 30, 2014


YOU COULD SAY JOE BERTOTTO HAS THE MAGIC TOUCH when it comes to connecting people with the jobs that best suit them.

When he isn’t inspiring his colleagues and clients with words, the chief culture officer for MY CU Services, LLC—a credit union service organization in Middletown, P.A.—has been known to employ magic tricks to lay the groundwork for his powerful message.

Bertotto enlightens MY CU Services staff about finding their strengths and understanding those of others, and also teaches and speaks at credit unions.

“The best part about Joe is that he lives those same values he teaches and is an amazing contributor to the people-helping-people movement,” colleague Tiffany Williams says.

Bertotto’s calling springs from personal experience. For a long time after entering the workforce, he stayed in a job that wasn’t a good fit. “I was successful, but I dreaded going to work,” he says. “Then I found a position that was a good fit, and it was an awakening.”

So many people go through their lives disliking their work, Bertotto observes: “If I can help people find work that fits, or create work that helps them feel valued, that’s my driving force.”

Once, Bertotto observed a financial institution with a branch in a grocery store that would send an employee into the aisles in hopes of signing up new members. “Most people dislike it, and the manager thought everyone did, so he had each employee do it one day a week,” he says.

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Bertotto talked to the employees and discovered that one woman loved the work. “We reconfigured the work to play to people’s strengths,” he says. “She walked the aisles and brought customers to another worker who loved to talk to people. Another liked to check things off her list, so we gave her work that could be done quickly.”

The result? Productivity increased 30%.

“When people are in their ‘sweet spot,’ they can do amazing things,” says Bertotto.

If he can’t restructure jobs, Bertotto helps people find a position that’s a better fit. He uses Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® to measure talents (who you are) and strengths (what you do well). “It makes an immense difference in life if you find a job that’s a good fit,” he says. “It’s a drain on a person and on the credit union if people aren’t performing optimally and doing what they do best every day.”

Bertotto’s advice for credit unions? “Commit the time, energy, and intentionality to look at how you can create a strengths-based organization,” he says. “It’s not easy. It requires shifting and changing, but it will dramatically improve employee engagement, commitment, and productivity.”