CEO invites members to 'Ask Charlotte'

October 20, 2014

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (10/21/14)--Back in the day, when a CEO wanted to get in touch with members, he or she had to step out into the lobby. While the lobby remains a great way to reach a certain segment of members, other segments are easier to find online.

Charlotte Cash, president/CEO of CommonWealth One FCU, Alexandria, Va., with $323 million in assets, is trying engage the latter segment with a series of quarterly videos on subjects of financial interest to members that will be featured on YouTube.

"When CommonWealth One was significantly smaller, former CEO Kathryn Coleman would sometimes meet with individual members to resolve various issues," she added. "Today, because the credit union has grown exponentially, I achieve that same effect by addressing topics of financial benefit to members through a quarterly video I record that's available on our website,"

Also, there's an "Ask Charlotte" link on CommonWealth One's homepage through which members can send her an email on any subject of concern.

"The emails come directly to me, and I read each and every one," she said. "Open communication is the best way to improve our service, and I welcome hearing from our members to help resolve their concerns."

And, she added, many of those comments are compliments on CommonWealth One's member service.