CU Direct to integrate lending platform with Systronics' core offering

March 31, 2015
ONTARIO, Calif. (4/1/15)--Through a new partnership, CU Direct will integrate its Lending 360 loan origination system (LOS) with Systronics' core system solution.

Systronics Inc. will resell CU Direct's Lending 360 loan origination platform to its more than 70 credit union clients.  Lending 360 can be used by a company such as Systronics or a credit union service organization to serve an entire client base, while also remaining a LOS for individual credit unions, CU Direct said.

"We searched for a partner to help us provide an affordable LOS system to the smaller credit unions," said Dennis McLoud, Systronics CEO. "In CU Direct we have found that partner. Integration with our core system will provide ease of use and efficiencies for our credit union customers while also opening the door for accessing the indirect lending market."

Paul Kirkbride, senior vice president of CU Solutions at CU Direct, added: "Working together, and using the full suite of Lending 360 features, we can help Systronics core processing customers improve the lending experience and gain a competitive edge."