Hyland, CU leaders grace small screen for Va. TV program

November 21, 2014

RESTON, Va. (11/24/14)--Several credit union leaders recently appeared on an episode of the suburban Washington, D.C.-based television show "Reston Impact" to talk about, of course, credit unions.

Host John Lovaas began the show, called "Credit Unions: Friendly Financial," with a monologue about a handful of things he considered to be "bad" national news.  

But, he digressed, this was a show about good things, about people who do good things and, specifically, about credit unions.

His guests were Gigi Hyland, executive director of the National Credit Union Foundation; Patti Briotta, public relations director for the National Association of Federal Credit Unions; and Mario Mejia, business development officer for the Dept of the Interior FCU, Washington, D.C., with $149 million in assets. 

Generally, the show illustrated just what credit unions are, and highlighted the benefits of being a member of one.

Hyland, who also spoke about her time as a board member of the National Credit Union Administration, described credit unions as member-driven and very different from banks.

"Their whole mission is really to focus on people and people's financial lives and helping improve people's financial lives," Hyland said. "(It's about) meeting people where they are in life financially and helping them get through whatever that might be."

"It's a very different model than other financial institutions, and I would argue very focused on what the member needs because it's driven by the members," she added.

Lovaas also asked how consumers can determine which credit unions they can join. Hyland directed viewers to the Credit Union National Association's, which serves as a resource for that very matter. 

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