New Oregon resident, BTD founder Christian joins CU

November 12, 2014

CLATSKANIE, Ore. (11/13/14)--Kristen Christian joined Wauna CU Nov. 5--just two days after the founder of Bank Transfer Day moved to Astoria, Ore., and on the third anniversary of the day consumers across the United States demonstrated their frustration with big banks by collectively moving their accounts to community financial institutions such as credit unions.

Click to view larger imageBank Transfer Day founder Kristen Christian joined Wauna CU on the third anniversary of the day she inspired thousands of consumers to switch their account to credit unions. (Northwest Credit Union Association Photo)

"I did my due diligence and Wauna CU was the place for me," said Christian while enjoying a piece of pie at the $165 million-asset Clatskanie, Ore.-based credit union. "They are staying on top of technology."

Bank Transfer Day began in 2011 when Christian decided she was fed up with fees at her big bank. "I called them and politely asked that they discontinue the new $5 a month fee, and they laughed at me," she told the Northwest Credit Union Association (Anthem Nov. 12). "So I Googled 'alternative to bank' and when I learned about the credit union movement, I cried!"

Christian started a Bank Transfer Day Facebook page and sent it out to her friends, asking them to join her by closing their accounts at big banks and switching to credit unions. The movement snowballed and only a few days later a reporter from the Village Voice started covering the story.

Now in its fourth year, Bank Transfer Day has seen more than a million people switch to become credit union members.