State-chartered CUs flourishing in Ohio

April 9, 2015
COLUMBUS, Ohio (4/10/15)--State-chartered credit unions hold the majority of credit union assets in Ohio, despite making up only 45% of the state's credit unions, according to recent analysis of credit union data over the past five years from the Ohio Credit Union League.

Federally chartered credit unions, which maintain a 55% majority over their state counterparts in Ohio, only hold 36% of the state's assets and members, the numbers found.

Further, assets among Ohio's state-chartered credit unions have climbed by 29% over the past five years, compared with a national average of 26%. By contrast, federally chartered credit unions have experienced a 15% increase in asset growth over that stretch.

Both state and federally chartered credit unions have net-worth ratios of 11.24%, the highest since 2010.

Additional numbers for state-chartered credit unions over the past five years:
  • Assets averaged $112 million;
  • Capital-asset ratios averaged 11.67%;
  • Return on assets averaged 0.6%;
  • Loan growth climbed by 9.76%;
  • Memberships expanded by 4.38%; and
  • Delinquencies dropped to 0.86%.