United Labor CU builds fin. lit. for union workers

October 15, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (10/16/14)--Trade union laborers are learning a new skill thanks to one Missouri-based credit union.

United Labor CU President/ CEO Tim Vogler presents a FinU financial education workshop. (Missouri Credit Union Association Photo)

United Labor CU, Kansas City, Mo., with $11 million in assets, has spearheaded a financial literacy campaign for its members called FinU, which has already reached more than 2,000 apprentices and laborers of several craft unions.

The coursework, which can be presented in evening classroom settings or in members' homes, aims to help the students who enroll achieve better financial standing through visual, hands-on activities that focus on year-round record keeping (Missouri Difference Oct. 15).

"This fall, as in the last two years, we are presenting specific classes on household budgeting and goal setting; understanding, balancing and maintaining credit; and planning for the future," said Tim Vogler, United Labor CU president/CEO. "In the next few months we will reach an estimated 500 more working men and women to help them better plan and prepare for financial success."

But of all the messages Vogler would like to get across, most important to him is that while students and attendees may be making a decent salary now, "income doesn't necessarily determine how financially successful you are. Your choices and priorities do."

The FinU program features seven modules in addition to a free session called "EmPower Hour," where individuals are encouraged to invite a family member to come in and learn about reaching financial goals.

United Labor says that in both financial education settings, in the classroom or at home, credit union members and nonmembers will learn tips and techniques that are critical to overcoming fiscal obstacles, which will help the individuals save and keep the money they earn day-in and day-out.

"I have seen and heard every financial scenario possible in my nearly 30 years as a financial professional and in the credit union movement," Vogler said. "FinU seeks to impress upon people that no one is alone in their financial struggles or achievements."