ATMIA publishes malware prevention guidelines

April 9, 2015
SIOUX FALLS, S.D., and LONDON (4/10/15)--The ATM Industry Association has published new guidelines to help prevent malware attacks on ATM terminals.
"Best Practices for Preventing ATM Malware, Black Box and Cyber-Attacks" explains how ATM malware works, from installation to execution, as well as how to detect it. It includes major international ATM malware cases and outlines key mitigation best practices. The guidelines share useful links, additional reading and relevant standards documentation.
The guidelines are adapted from the ATM Software Security Best Practices Guide. The best practices guide "provided in-depth analysis of software architectures, standards compliance, risks and mitigation factors relevant to ATM software and systems," said Mike Lee, ATMIA CEO.  "We decided to publish a shorter, stand-alone manual to help prevent the most serious and urgent cyber threats.
"We can radically combat cyber fraud if we stand together and implement all the guidelines across every market," he added.