James Collins

PODCAST: O Bee Credit Union’s pandemic response

CEO James Collins on navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

March 24, 2020

O Bee Credit Union in Lacey, Wash., is a 45 minute-drive from the Kirkland, Wash., nursing home that was the initial epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

The area’s credit unions were among the first in the nation to implement their pandemic response plans, which included closing branch lobbies, expanding remote work arrangements, offering special loans, waiving fees, and more.

This episode of the CUNA News Podcast features a conversation with James Collins, president/CEO of O Bee Credit Union.

He describes O Bee’s ongoing response to the coronavirus outbreak, managing a remote workforce, leading during a crisis, and what gives him hope for the future.


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In this episode:

1:15: O Bee’s initial response to the coronavirus

2:30: How members have responded to operational changes

3:37: How O Bee is assisting members

5:35: Some members making large withdrawals

7:26: Fraud challenges

8:20: A typical day

10:47: Staff concerns

13:12: Managing remote workers

14:44: Addressing the financial impact of COVID-19

16:22: Potential long-term changes

17:54: Lessons about leading during a crisis

20:15: Dealing with stress